​Crosstown 5 first appeared in the Bay Area music scene on NY's eve, 2009.  We have been lucky to have in our ranks thru the years some very amazing musicians that helped in the creation of the band that we are today.   Some info on our current line-up:

DELIA COLORADO - Delia's passion has always been singing.  She has been in some form of musical group since she was in elementary school growing up in Puerto Rico.  She is a big Beatles' fan, who have in big part inspired her love for music and especially harmonies.  In December of 2006, Delia joined The Cross Towne Band, which would become Crosstown 5 three years later.  Prior to that she played in bands like South Street and Sixstring.  The last remaining member of the original Crosstown 5, she is happy and thankful to have played with very excellent musicians thru the years.  She enjoys singing lead but loves harmonies as well- she just wants to sing!  Lately she has found herself lucky to have performed in a couple of musical theater productions like The Sound of Music, expanding her musical endeavors beyond the rock and roll stage.  She says she will be singing until they kick her off the stage.  

DONNY JAMES (Don Richardson) - Donny started playing piano as a kid and had several bands all through the 90’s. In 2000, he left the US and went to Queretaro, Mexico to teach English as a Foreign Language. There, he met his wife and they settled to raise a family. In 2011, they returned to the Bay Area with their three children to reestablish their lives “stateside”. In 2015, with an established professional career in the Bay Area, Donny started the band “The Jesters” with his brother and some friends. In 2021, Donny decided to move to the next chapter of his musical journey with Crosstown 5. He loves working on multiple harmonies besides singing lead, and enjoys playing the guitar and the harmonica whenever he gets the chance.  

GRANT MADER - While attending high school in England, Grant carried on with his musical journey from classical piano to guitar and has never stopped. Playing in SF Bay Area bands since the early 80’s and influenced by many great artists and bands from the UK to the southern rock center of Jacksonville, his love for music of all styles continue to shape and grow his energetic playing style. Credits include opening for Big & Rich, Randy Houser, The Oak Ridge Boys, John Pardi and Wynonna. Currently, besides having fun with Crosstown 5, he is playing with Going Down – An Aerosmith Experience and Public Eye.


MIKE TORRES - Mike was born in Oakland and grew up in Livermore. Started playing drums when he was 12 and played marching band and jazz band in high school.  His love of drums continued and in the last 30 years he has played in too many bands to count, including a jazz band with Rich Torre combo for 11 years and many rock bands.  He started as a sub with CT5 many years ago, becoming our full time drummer in 2020. 

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