Kenny, Chris and Delia had been playing together with a couple other great musicians who moved on to other endeavors.  Fast forward a couple of musicians later.... David had moved from Seattle for almost two years and hadn't found a fit with any bands in the area when he answered their ad needing a keyboard player that could sing and play the guitar... they had found the perfect combination of musicians and had many years of great music together  when their long time bass player thought it was also time to move on... enter Sam, who answered their ad needing a bass player...  more than 10 years have gone by now since Kenny, Chris and Delia originally hooked up...

OK, more details...

KENNY LINKER - I started playing guitar in high school back in the mid 70's, and formed a band called Ironwood shortly thereafter with my brother and 2 other friends.  Ironwood played parties, clubs, school dances, etc., won the city high school band talent show and headlined at "Legend City" (a now closed down amusement park in Phoenix, Arizona).  I played in that band for 4 years before joining the full time working world.  The guitar fell by the wayside until the mid 90's when I started playing again and joined a local neighborhood band.  That band has evolved over the years into our current lineup today!

DELIA COLORADO - My passion has always been singing.  I’ve been in some form of musical group since I was in elementary school, and my dream is to sing until they kick me off the stage.  I was raised in Puerto Rico, so I have the Latin rhythms running through my blood.  I'm a big Beatles' fan, who in big part gave me my love for music.  I enjoy singing lead as well as harmonies - just let me sing!  I was born with a microphone in my hand, and I hope I never have to put it down.   

CHRIS HENRY - I have been fascinated with music since I was very little.  It all started with a clarinet in the 4th grade to piano when I was a sophomore, to playing drums for some friends at a party when I was a senior in high school.  That is how I got to the drums.  From several bands along the way such as Xpress, Kid Ego, and Sound Pilot, I have had the privilege to open for some really cool bands like Eddie Money, Kansas, John Cafferty, and Nazareth. I took a seven year break for my family, and now I'm playing with some really great musicians in this band.  I am excited to see where my musical journey will take me next.

SAM TUCKER -I’m excited to be the newest member of Crosstown 5! I bring a love for music and multi instruments; it all started with my big sister’s record collection of Jerry Lee Lewis, The Everly Brothers, and Elvis which I would break out while she was off at school when I was about 4- I started rocking young! Piano lessons came along in first and second grade, then a year of trumpet in third. In fourth grade I got my first guitar, also from my big sister. I started my first band when I was in sixth grade…The Dark Shadows. Playing guitar eventually led to playing bass in Junior High, and I’ve continued to play guitar and bass ever since as well as getting back into keyboards in various bands. I still love to rock! The other side of life includes airplanes; flying and working on them. I’ll be holding down the bottom end and laying down the groove. Without bass there’s not much to dance to… I’ll make sure that won’t be happening here!

DAVID BRIDGHAM - When I'm not saving the world from aliens or racing hundreds of the fastest cars in the world on my Xbox 360, I can be found in my home studio writing songs, or tearing up the roads to prepare for my next half-marathon.  I'm originally from Seattle, and I played in several bands there starting in the 80's.  I'm a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, playing saxophone, keyboards, and guitar.  I'm comfortable playing many musical styles, ranging from traditional jazz to classic rock to modern rock, funk, and electronica.  The truth is that I'd get bored musically if I only played one instrument or musical style.  I've been involved in music my whole life.  My mom sang opera, and my dad plays piano.  I had no choice but to get into music!    I try to pose the age old question "Can anyone ever have enough musical instruments?".  I have guitars, keyboards, a trumpet, a flute, a clarinet (my first instrument), a sax, a kazoo, a train just goes on and on.   Now if i can just remember where I put my saxophone........

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