Kenny and Delia are Crossstown 5's original members, playing together now for 15 years!  They have been lucky to have played with amazing musicians throughout the years, with the latest incarnation of CT5 having played together for 8 wonderful years of great camaraderie, fun and music.  In the beginning of 2020, our beloved drummer that had been with us since the beginning has to quit for reasons beyond his control, so here comes Mike.  Darn pandemic hits, and a few months later we lose two more members due to job related out of state moves.  Unfortunately, the pandemic forced us to take a year off, but fortunately, that year was a godsend for us to regroup and find the two missing musicians... enter Dean and Donny.  We believe we all have won the jackpot with this line up, and we look forward to entertaining you for many years to come. 

OK, more details...

KENNY LINKER - I started playing guitar in high school back in the mid 70's, and formed a band called Ironwood shortly thereafter with my brother and 2 other friends.  Ironwood played parties, clubs, school dances, etc., won the city high school band talent show and headlined at "Legend City" (a now closed down amusement park in Phoenix, Arizona).  I played in that band for 4 years before joining the full time working world.  The guitar fell by the wayside until the mid 90's when I started playing again and joined a local neighborhood band.  That band has evolved over the years into our current lineup today!

DELIA COLORADO - My passion has always been singing.  I’ve been in some form of musical group since I was in elementary school, and my dream is to sing until they kick me off the stage.  I was raised in Puerto Rico, so I have the Latin rhythms running through my blood.  I'm a big Beatles' fan, who in big part gave me my love for music.  I enjoy singing lead as well as harmonies - just let me sing!  I was born with a microphone in my hand, and I hope I never have to put it down.   

DONNY JAMES (Don Richardson) - Donny started playing piano as a kid and had several bands all through the 90’s. In 2000, he left the US and went to Queretaro, Mexico to teach English as a Foreign Language. There, he met his wife and they settled to raise a family. In 2011, they returned to the Bay Area with their three children to reestablish their lives “stateside”. In 2015, with an established professional career in the Bay Area, Donny started the band “The Jesters” with his brother and some friends. Now in 2021, Donny decided to move to the next chapter of his musical journey with Crosstown 5. He’s really looking forward to learning more about multiple harmonies and so far the practices have been fantastic.  

DEAN MYATT - Born and raised in Asia, and having lived in Hawai'i for over a decade, my westward migration ended in the Bay Area about 20 years ago. I was hooked from the moment that I first picked up an old nylon string classical at age 12, and knew then that I needed music to be a part of my life. After a brief (and wholly inglorious) dabbling in drums between my high school and early college years, I realized—after consistently finding myself teaching bass parts to my various bass players—that bass was the ideal blend between rhythm and guitar, and my ultimate musical calling. I spent the late 80’s and early 90’s playing with various bands at several Waikiki clubs and bars, and then the 2000’s doing the same thing with a Bay Area group, playing summer concerts, festivals and corporate events over a 12 year span. I am really excited to have the opportunity to join Crosstown 5--an awesome group of people who also happen to be great musicians. 


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